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Nurses’ attire in a special hospital: perceptions of patients and staff

26 April 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical research special hospitals

Nurses’ uniforms have been die subject of ongoing debate in many areas. Following the Ashworth Hospital inquiry, two wards at the hospital piloted the wearing of...

Uniforms: a comparative evaluation of tunic tops

21 February 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim The aim of this study was to produce a recommendation for selection of a tunic top for female nurses, based on previously established ergonomic criteria. Method...

Bacterial contamination of nurses’ uniforms: a study

23 September 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This study examined the hypothesis that the wearing of plastic aprons during direct patient contact would reduce significantly the number of bacteria carried on...

Washing uniforms at home: adherence to hospital policy

18 February 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Infection control is a priority for all hospitals to reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs). Textiles especially uniforms, are a possible...

Evolution of uniforms to cater for the needs of staff and patients

28 January 2013

Nursing Management


Uniforms were originally developed to distinguish nurses from servants. However, with the arrival of the NHS in 1948, designs became less complex and an updated...

Pointing the finger

31 May 2005

Nursing Standard

Wipe it out

In the face of media and public criticism, Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust has focused considerable management and staff energy on stamping out MRSA.

Provision and decontamination of uniforms in the NHS

27 April 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To ascertain the provision and decontamination of uniforms within a cross-section of NHS trusts in the UK and to compare policies regarding their use. Method A...

Campaign changes gear

20 September 2005

Nursing Standard


The RCN campaign on MRSA is raising awareness of infection control, influencing best practice and helping the college to lobby behind the scenes for more infection...

Care home uniforms: exploring stakeholders’ views on clothing options for staff

07 April 2022

Nursing Older People

evidence and practice

Background Views in the care home community are divided regarding whether or not staff should wear a uniform. There is little research on the topic and the views of...