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Cup of tea and a chat

21 June 2011

Nursing Standard

Clinical digest

One hospital has made changes to improve care and nutrition of older people on acute wards.

Understanding the principles and aims of intravenous fluid therapy

27 January 2020

Nursing Standard


A balance between the volume of fluid taken in by the human body, and the volume of fluid excreted, is essential for life. Body fluid balance, which is maintained...

Artificial hydration at the end of life: balancing benefits and risks in the absence of conclusive evidence

02 September 2020

Nursing Standard

end of life care

There is a lack of clear evidence regarding the benefits and harm of artificial hydration at the end of life. Trial findings are conflicting and inconclusive,...

Dietary management of patients with a high-output stoma

28 March 2022

Nursing Standard


A stoma enables faeces and flatus to be passed through a small surgically formed aperture in the abdominal wall, and may be temporary or permanent. However, in some...

Experiences of mealtime assistance delivered by volunteers: an extended literature review

11 January 2023

Nursing Older People


Trained mealtime volunteers are ideally situated to provide mealtime assistance to older patients in general hospital settings. Older patients are at risk of...

Strategies to prevent dehydration in older people with dementia: a literature review

26 November 2019

Nursing Older People


Dehydration is prevalent in hospitalised older people and residents in care homes, and older people with dementia are particularly at risk. A literature review was...

Open AccessImproving the provision of nutritional care for people living with dementia in care homes

12 August 2020

Nursing Older People


Issues with eating and drinking are common in all stages of dementia but are most prevalent in the middle and late stages of the condition. This can lead to...

Urinary tract infection prevention: evaluating Scotland’s national hydration campaign

28 May 2020

Nursing Older People

healthy ageing

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a prevalent healthcare-associated infection in adult acute and long-term care facilities in Scotland. To convey the public health...

Fluoride in the UK diet

06 August 2014

Nursing Standard


Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be obtained from foods and fluids originating from soils containing fluoride, as well as by drinking water that...

Nutrition and fluid management

01 April 2015

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Management of fluid intake and nutrition is an essential component of nursing care and should be practised skilfully by all nurses and nursing students. This...