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Measuring levels of burnout among care workers

07 October 2010

Learning Disability Practice


Aim To investigate whether staff caring for people with learning and communication disabilities experience feelings of emotional exhaustion or lack of achievement or...

Enabling people to give feedback about their health care

05 October 2011

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes a systematic review of approaches to measuring the satisfaction of people with learning disabilities with their health care. Methods to enable...

An overview of communication, movement and perception difficulties after stroke

30 May 2014

Nursing Older People


For many people who have had a stroke, weakness or paralysis on one side - hemiparesis or hemiplegia - is the most obvious symptom. However, brain damage, including...

Assessing and managing communication needs in people with serious mental illness

25 June 2018

Nursing Standard

Mental health

Effective communication is essential to maintain mental health and resilience. Communication can be challenging for people who experience serious mental illness...

Barriers to effective nurse-patient communication in the emergency department

14 April 2020

Emergency Nurse


Background It has been identified that ineffective nurse-patient communication in the emergency department (ED) can lead to frustration, mistrust and inadequate pain...

Listening to people with severe or profound intellectual disabilities: a literature review

24 November 2022

Learning Disability Practice


This article presents a literature review that explored communication partners’ experiences of listening or attending to people with severe or profound intellectual...

Recognising elderspeak and how to avoid its use with older people

16 July 2020

Mental Health Practice


Despite the widely recognised importance of effective communication, negative forms of communication can arise between caregivers and patients, leading to barriers...

Improving cancer survivorship in the deaf community: an evaluation of a bespoke cancer information event

24 May 2021

Cancer Nursing Practice

hearing impairment

Deafness is the third most common disability in the world but is often misunderstood by healthcare professionals, and therefore deaf people’s experience of accessing...

Communication challenges for people with learning disabilities in the digital age

31 July 2023

Learning Disability Practice

Improving communication

Healthcare provision relies on effective communication, since this can enable information to be shared, develop therapeutic relationships and improve health...

Improving annual health checks based on the health consultation experiences of people with learning disabilities

14 September 2023

Learning Disability Practice

health promotion

Annual health checks in primary care improve the detection of health issues in people with learning disabilities. The NHS has set a target for at least 75% of people...