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Writing and publishing clinical articles: a practical guide

11 April 2012

Emergency Nurse


The sharing of knowledge among nurses and clinicians can strengthen the healthcare professions. In this context, many clinicians underestimate the relevance and...

A practical guide to writing clinical articles for publication

30 April 2012

Nursing Older People


The sharing of nursing knowledge between clinicians can strengthen the profession. Clinicians often underestimate the relevance and importance of what they may...

Improving your journal article using feedback from peer review

24 September 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

While preparation of a journal article for submission may often include informal review by colleagues, an article is not accepted for publication until it has been...

Writing up research for publication

07 January 2015

Nursing Standard


This article describes the process of preparing a research article for publication in a nursing journal. It is aimed at nurses who wish to share their research...

Writing a journal article: guidance for novice authors

30 April 2014

Nursing Standard


This article focuses on writing for journal publication. The purpose of writing is explored, paying particular attention to the message to be conveyed and the...

How to write a reflective practice case study

30 October 2017

Primary Health Care


As evidence and experience play an important role in underpinning primary healthcare, combining them in a reflective practice case study has significant potential...

Academic writing retreats for nurses and allied health professionals: developing engagement, dissemination and collaboration opportunities

23 August 2022

Nurse Researcher

Support and development

Background COVID-19 raised the profile of nursing globally, with widespread recognition of nurses’ valuable roles during the pandemic. There is a unique opportunity...

Reflections on writing journal articles

18 May 2020

Learning Disability Practice

Professional issues

There is an expectation that nurses should use evidence to inform practice but having access to this evidence requires other nurses to write about and publish their...

Writing a continuing professional development article for publication

25 June 2014

Nursing Standard


Writing for journal publication is a worthwhile but challenging activity that requires clear motives, purpose, planning and execution. Continuing professional...

Presenting research to clinicians: strategies for writing about research findings

01 July 2006

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Research is of little value to clinical practice if the findings are not appropriately integrated into that practice. While publishing the results of research is...