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The long goodbye

01 May 1997

Nursing Management

General article

Early retirement can be wonderful. Shaking off the shackles of the lifelong wage-slave revives the work weary. Ten years younger’ and ‘new woman/ new man’ are...

Abuse and bullying

01 April 1997

Nursing Management

General article

The potential effects of bullying can be significant both for the recipient and their employer. Much case study evidence on tire effects of bullying exists and Adams...

Abuse and Bullying

01 March 1997

Nursing Management

General article

There can be no doubt that bullying and the victimisation of others have always been with us. There are however, concerns that they may have become more common...

Change? no Problem

01 September 1997

Nursing Management

Change? no Problem

The increasingly rapid pace of change within the NHS exists within a macroscopic cataclysm of change described by Toffler (1970). The adaptability required from an...

Challenging the myth of the 12-hour shift: a pilot evaluation

04 April 2001

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim The aim of this pilot evaluation was to assess whether changing a nursing shift pattern to incorporate 12-hour shifts would have positive effects for patients...

Calculating capacity and demand in chemotherapy outpatient units

01 October 2006

Cancer Nursing Practice


This article highlights the current challenges in meeting demand capacity facing chemotherapy units across the UK. It discusses the importance of conducting formal...

Administrative duties: weighing up the problem

01 July 2006

Mental Health Practice


Every so often a journal or new report suggests that paperwork and administrative duties are a burden for clinical staff. Does that really matter? The answer is a...

Developing a successful self-rostering shift system

02 July 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Three wards of different sizes and with a mixture of full-time and part-time staff, qualified and unqualified, took part in a self-rostering trial lasting a total of...

Educating healthcare support workers in cancer and palliative care

01 December 2003

Cancer Nursing Practice


The Cancer Care Alliance (CCA) Network for Teesside, South Durham and North Yorkshire has a reputation for delivering multi-professional cancer and palliative care...

Mapping the English cancer clinical nurse specialist workforce

01 April 2008

Cancer Nursing Practice


The role and function of the cancer clinical nurse specialist (CNS) has been the subject of increasing debate in recent years as NHS trusts seek to control their...
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