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NVQs and practice assessment in a pre-registration course

24 March 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In response to the government’s strategic intentions for nursing outlined in Making a Difference (DoH 1999), the University of Brighton has used national vocational...

Nursing students’ experiences of delivering dementia friends sessions to peers

16 August 2018

Nursing Older People

case study research

Background Nursing students and registered nurses often feel underprepared for their roles in dementia care. Extracurricular activities offer nursing students...

Is this the end of the branch system?

23 January 2007

Nursing Standard


Changes in nurse education will need to take place if the more flexible workforce envisaged in Modernising Nursing Careers is to become reality.

Nurse education in the British armed forces

15 October 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Defence nurses form the largest registered specialty in the UK defence medical services. Once qualified, defence nurses maintain and develop their nursing and...

Results of cross-faculty ‘capstone’ assessments involving nursing and performing arts students

06 September 2018

Nursing Management

embodied simulation

This article describes how ‘capstone’ assessments were created to provide two different student groups, nursing and performing arts students, with a lived experience...

Student-led simulation: preparing students for leadership

25 October 2018

Nursing Management

evidence and practice

It is vital to prepare nurses to become informed leaders with the required knowledge and skills to support effective patient care and outcomes. This article...

Integrating the 6Cs of nursing into mentorship practice

12 August 2015

Nursing Standard


Nurses and midwives are asked to demonstrate the 6Cs (care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment) of nursing in ‘everything we do’. Mentors...

Assisting students to prepare for a clinical practice placement

10 December 2014

Nursing Standard


All students undertaking a nursing programme are required to complete clinical practice placements. These placement hours are an essential component of the training...

Exploring the characteristics of effective communicators in healthcare

07 September 2018

Nursing Standard

evidence and practice

Nurses require effective communication and interpersonal skills to provide optimal care, and to ensure that patients and their families and carers have a positive...

An evaluation of management placements for nursing students in UK general practice

02 October 2018

Primary Health Care

evidence and practice

General practice is facing a shortage of nurses and it can be difficult to recruit and retain staff. Nursing students need exposure to primary care nursing roles if...
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