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‘Racialisation’ and racism

01 May 2004

Nursing Management


‘RACIALISATION’ CAN be described as the process by which people are defined according to apparent differences of skin colour, national origin or other attributes,...

Cross-cultural information leaflets

04 October 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article reflects on the development of leaflets in Urdu to support families in weaning children from milk to solids. Limitations in the translation process are...

Issues in phenomenological nursing research: the combined use of pain diaries and interviewing

01 April 2006

Nurse Researcher

issues in research

Kathryn Clarke and Ron Iphofen describe how combining two methods – diaries and interviews – proved fruitful in a study that sought to explore the experience of...

Non-European nurses’ perceived barriers to UK nurse registration

11 May 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Aim To conduct a scoping project to identify perceived barriers to UK nurse registration as experienced by internationally educated nurses working as healthcare...

Overcoming language barriers when teaching interprofessional groups

11 October 2012

Emergency Nurse


The author of this article undertook a small qualitative study of the best way to prepare unscheduled care staff for team-based delivery of patient care. The study...

Cognitive behaviour therapy in a second language

09 November 2016

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

Human migration occurs for a variety of reasons, and the same applies to why such people access psychological services. Often migrants are offered therapies in their...

Health beliefs and access to services in an ethnic minority population

28 April 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

According to the 2012 UK census, 6.6% of the population of London have a South Asian background. As this article explains, attitudes to, and care of, people with...

Raising awareness of dysphagia among healthcare professionals

06 May 2010

Learning Disability Practice


Many people with learning disabilities and complex needs have swallowing difficulties that can be potentially dangerous if they are not given appropriate food and...

Management of dysphagia

07 November 2011

Learning Disability Practice


Dysphagia is a disorder of swallowing. The authors stress the importance of a comprehensive assessment leading to effective management and the involvement of a...

Computer software can help users to make informed decisions

07 July 2010

Learning Disability Practice


This article assesses the Clicker 5 reading and writing software package to help people with learning disabilities and others achieve a better understanding of and...