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Selecting the best theory to implement planned change

01 April 2013

Nursing Management

Art & Science

Planned change in nursing practice is necessary for a wide range of reasons, but it can be challenging to implement. Understanding and using a change theory...

Effective design, implementation and management of change in healthcare

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Changes in healthcare organisations are common, and their implementation is often complex and challenging. Change is often implemented suboptimally, and can have...

A model for successful change management

02 March 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article focuses on how nurses can successfully implement the change process using the organisational change model proposed by Leavitt et al (1973). The author...

Weight management through the development of a healthy lifestyle

01 March 2011

Primary Health Care


This article will look at the difference between weight management and dieting and will suggest some of the ways that healthcare professionals can help adults to...

Perfect timing

16 March 2010

Nursing Standard


In the final article in our series on managing change, Tracey Smith describes how she educated staff about the Parkinson’s medication regimen and Stephen Wright...

An action research approach to practice, service and legislative change

01 November 2013

Nurse Researcher

Service redesign

Aims To describe the action research approach taken to engage a multidisciplinary group of health professionals and managers from five rural health services with...

Strategies to help nurses cope with change in the healthcare setting

06 August 2008

Nursing Standard


Working in health care has never seemed more exciting or stressful. The rapid changes made to the ways in which services are delivered, the search for economies of...

Assertiveness, power and influence

01 July 2000

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes how nurses can use the concepts of assertiveness, power and influence to maximise their effectiveness in delivering care and bringing about...

Change? no Problem

01 September 1997

Nursing Management

Change? no Problem

The increasingly rapid pace of change within the NHS exists within a macroscopic cataclysm of change described by Toffler (1970). The adaptability required from an...

Transformational change in action

02 February 2011

Nursing Management


In recent years, there has been an imperative to improve productivity in the NHS. This requires the use of appropriate tools and appropriate leadership at all levels...