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Nocturnal enuresis is not to be ignored

18 November 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nocturnal enuresis is usually defined as the involuntary passage of urine, during sleep, in a child aged five years and above, in the absence of any congenital or...

A practical approach to catheter-associated problems

14 April 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article examines some commonly found catheter-related problems and discusses approaches to managing and preventing them.

Complying with pelvic floor exercises: a literature review

12 June 2002

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

In this literature review the causes and factors predisposing women to stress urinary incontinence and the role of pelvic floor muscle exercises in curing and...

Cognitive bladder training in the community

16 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Special focus: continence

Nocturnal enuresis has been the subject of much research over the years, giving rise to a vast array of publications into which healthcare professionals can delve...

Use of lubricant gels in urinary catheterisation

02 November 2005

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Nurses with a prescribing qualification are now able to prescribe catheters and catheter management products. However, they must use research and best evidence to...

Patient experiences of bladder problems following stroke

09 May 2012

Nursing Standard

A&S Science

Aim To elicit the experiences of patients with bladder problems following stroke in one dedicated stroke unit and to share these findings with the multidisciplinary...

Assessment and treatment of nocturnal enuresis in children and young people

04 September 2018

Nursing Children and Young People

Continence care

Nocturnal enuresis – or bed-wetting – is one of the most common chronic conditions of childhood. It has a significant effect on the quality of life of affected...

Men’s experiences of urinary incontinence after prostatectomy

08 November 2012

Cancer Nursing Practice

A&S Science

This integrated thematic literature review explored men’s experiences of urinary incontinence after prostatectomy and was based on 12 primary studies. Five main...

A pelvic floor muscle exercise programme for urinary incontinence following childbirth

02 May 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This information on best practice is based on a systematic review conducted by the Western Australian Centre for Evidence Based Nursing and Midwifery, a...

Quality of life issues in continence care

01 November 2011

Nursing Standard

Learning zone

Urinary and faecal incontinence affect a significant proportion of the population. Both types of incontinence can limit activities of daily living, restrict the...