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Assessing and documenting fluid balance

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Concerns about inadequate patient hydration and suboptimal monitoring of fluid balance have been documented in recent reports. The Fluid-balance Improvement Project...

Supporting people with dementia to eat

29 June 2016

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

The aim of this systematic review was to identify the best ways of supporting people with dementia to eat. Five electronic databases were searched, with a date range...

Health aspects of caffeine: benefits and risks

04 November 2009

Nursing Standard


This article examines the benefits and risks associated with caffeinated foods and drinks, taking an evidence-based approach to identify appropriate daily caffeine...

The importance of fluid balance in clinical practice

30 July 2008

Nursing Standard


This article reviews the physiology that underpins normal fluid balance and discusses how fluid balance can be affected by illness. Clinical assessment of hydration...

Improving nutrition and hydration in hospital: the nurse’s responsibility

25 April 2012

Nursing Standard


Ensuring that the nutrition and hydration needs of patients in hospital are met is part of the nurse’s role. Adequate nutrition and hydration is vital for good...

Malnutrition and dehydration after stroke

07 December 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

By identifying malnutrition and dehydration in patients who have had a stroke, nurses can intervene to prevent significant complications developing and so improve...

Tea: hydration and other health benefits

28 September 2016

Primary Health Care


There is concern in some health profession literature and the wider media that caffeinated beverages may not support normal hydration. To examine this, a systematic...

Using enter-and-view provision to review hospital nutritional care

27 June 2011

Nursing Management


Local involvement network (LINk) representatives can enter health or social care services to view the quality of the service provided. In late 2010, South...

Patient safety and hydration in the care of older people

29 April 2016

Nursing Older People

Art & Science

Ensuring patients are adequately hydrated is a fundamental part of nursing care, however, it is clear from the literature that dehydration remains a significant...

Promoting and maintaining healthy hydration in patients

10 April 2012

Nursing Standard

Learning zone continuing professional development

Fluid is essential for life and health. Nurses have an important role in helping patients maintain optimal levels of hydration, particularly in hospital or...