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The power of the media to shape perceptions of mental illness

09 May 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Headlines in the press that include words such as ‘psycho’, ‘bonkers’ or ‘madman’ have been used to provide a sensationalist hook, symbolising the fears that some...

Queen of the screen

20 July 2010

Nursing Standard


Advising programme makers on breast cancer storylines has fired Victoria Harmer’s enthusiasm to do more media work, and so raise awareness.

Lights, camera, action

12 April 2011

Nursing Standard

General article

Working on a television or film set might sound glamorous but it entails long hours, often in hazardous conditions.

Crisis in a drama

21 November 2006

Nursing Standard


Working as a nurse on movie and TV sets may involve international travel, excitement and adventure, but it is poorly paid and exhausting.

How use of screen media affects the emotional development of infants

25 February 2014

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

This article reviews the literature relating to the potential impact of exposure to screen media on the emotional development of infants. The available literature...