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Clamping down on the use of restrictive practices

01 March 2012

Learning Disability Practice


Longer life expectancy is associated with a higher risk of dementia and associated behaviours, many of which can be difficult to manage and lead care staff to apply...

Is legislation needed to limit the restraint of clients?

29 April 2012

Learning Disability Practice


In the UK, the use and misuse of restrictive practices with people who have intellectual disabilities are common. There is a lack of regulation to ensure that...

Use of physical restraint: ethical, legal and political issues

26 April 2016

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

This article explores the ethicolegal and political factors associated with physical restraint in intellectual disability practice in Ireland. The primary purpose of...

The practice of seclusion: a review of the discourse on its use

25 April 2018

Mental Health Practice

Seclusion is an intervention used as a safety measure to manage patients who are violent, show disturbed behaviour and who pose a risk of harm to others (Department...