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The spiritual needs of inpatient mental health service users: theoretical and practical applications

11 May 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

This article introduces the concept of spirituality in mental healthcare and its relevance to practice. It uses a short case study as an example from practice using...

Tools for measuring nursing workload in mental health inpatient wards

01 November 2018

Mental Health Practice

workload assessment

Mental health wards should be staffed adequately to be able to provide patients with safe, high-quality care. This is particularly important in a time of increasing...

A model of de-escalation

09 June 2014

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

While de-escalation is much discussed among staff, and guidelines tell us to use it more, there are few comprehensive descriptions of what it is. This article...

Inpatient mental health care in the first world war

09 September 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

The rising casualty rates during the first world war caused a major problem for the British government. As the numbers of soldiers affected grew, the War Office...

Hospital placements: out of borough and out of step?

09 June 2010

Learning Disability Practice


A sample of people with complex learning disabilities had their specialist hospital placements reviewed by the authors. In this article they describe the inpatients’...

The zoning revolution

01 December 2006

Mental Health Practice


Concerns about standards and quality of care in acute inpatient wards (AIWs) have been well documented (Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health 1998, Moore 1998, Rose...

Risk assessment and management of people with personality disorders

01 October 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

People diagnosed with personality disorders often present a high risk to themselves and others, particularly in mental health inpatient settings. In general, a...

Assessing hearing ability in inpatient settings

01 April 2011

Mental Health Practice


In an audit of hearing difficulties among users of a specialist inpatient service for people with mental illness, learning disability or acquired brain injury, 655...

Developing a clinical competency framework for acute inpatient mental health nurses

01 February 2003

Mental Health Practice


Senior nurses working for mental health services in Camden and Islington in London recognised the need to strive to improve clinical nursing practice in their acute...

An assessment of the value of music therapy for haemato-oncology patients

10 June 2014

Cancer Nursing Practice

Art & Science

The aim of this service evaluation was to assess the value of music therapy for adult haemato-oncology inpatients and add data to the limited literature. A mixed...