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The use of robotic animals in dementia care: challenges and ethical dilemmas

26 September 2018

Mental Health Practice

Older people

This article looks at robotic pets and how they can be used in dementia care. The research discussed suggests that robot therapy could be beneficial to some people....

The practice of seclusion: a review of the discourse on its use

25 April 2018

Mental Health Practice

Seclusion is an intervention used as a safety measure to manage patients who are violent, show disturbed behaviour and who pose a risk of harm to others (Department...

Caregivers’ perspectives on ethical aspects of residential and domiciliary care

30 November 2016

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Aim To explore caregivers’ perspectives on ethics in older people’s residential and domiciliary social care. Method Seventeen staff working in domiciliary and...

Ethical practice in nursing care

28 November 2012

Nursing Standard


Ethical practice is acknowledged as an essential feature of good nursing, yet defining what comprises such practice is complex. This article examines aspects of...