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Treatment of acute burn blisters in unscheduled care settings

13 September 2012

Emergency Nurse


Many patients with minor burns present at emergency departments and urgent care centres, where their management is often undertaken by experienced nurses rather than...

Clinical decision-making in cardiac nursing: a review of the literature

29 November 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Clinical decision-making is an integral part of the professional nurse’s role. This literature review aims to determine the present evidence available on clinical...

Using interactive theatre in education to explore how healthcare decision-making can cause inadvertent trauma

30 April 2018

Mental Health Practice

Complex decisions that mental healthcare professionals make every day can have far-reaching influences on service users’ lives. This article describes working with a...

Remote clinical decision-making: a clinician’s definition

12 May 2017

Emergency Nurse

Evidence & practice

Aims Remote clinical decision-making (RCDM), commonly known as ‘telephone triage’ or ‘hear and treat’, describes clinicians’ non-face-to-face involvement with...

On the right path

14 June 2011

Nursing Standard

Genral article

The RCN has re-formed its ethics committee to help nurses deal with the moral dilemmas that they face in their day-to-day practice.