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The care programme approach and the politics of ‘personality disorder’

12 July 2017

Mental Health Practice

Evidence & practice

A postgraduate mental health nursing student refers to an incident in practice to reflect on psychiatric diagnosis and the diagnosis of personality disorder. She...

A survey of assessment tools for detecting and managing risk

10 May 2012

Mental Health Practice


This article highlights the type of risk assessments that are used in England and Wales for audits under the Care Programme Approach – a government joint venture...

Implementing a trust-wide strategy for clinical risk assessment in mental health

01 September 2003

Mental Health Practice


A major theme throughout all recent mental health policy documents has been the high priority that mental health services need to give to issues relating to clinical...

Assertive outreach in the context of the care programme approach

28 April 2009

Mental Health Practice


Assertive outreach, originally developed in the United States, has been adopted in the UK and is endorsed and financially supported by the government. Yet the role...