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01 July 2001

Learning Disability Practice


The aim of this article is to encourage the reader to develop a deeper knowledge base of the issues of continence and its management for people with learning...

Health care on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

30 September 2012

Learning Disability Practice


This article compares the experiences of certified developmental disability nurses in the United States with those of registered nurses in learning disabilities,...

The abuse of adults with learning disabilities and the role of the learning disability nurse

01 March 2004

Learning Disability Practice


Abuse is commonly experienced by adults with learning disabilities. This article outlines the different forms of abuse that this group might experience, highlights...

National nursing leadership programme

01 December 2002

Learning Disability Practice


The NHS Plan (DoH 2000) clearly articulates the need to modernise the health service in order to deliver improvements for patients. To achieve this the NHS needs...

Going public: how government policy affects service provision

28 July 2012

Learning Disability Practice


This article discusses the complexity of UK public health policy, and how it affects learning disability nurses and service users, especially in light of the recent...

a vision for learning disability nursing: where to now?

01 March 2007

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

After what appears like years in the wilderness for learning disability nursing, it is refreshing to see that there is now a way forward for this essential component...

People’s champion: a tribute to Alan Parrish

28 November 2013

Learning Disability Practice


Alan Parrish (1937-2013) began work as an engineer before undertaking nurse training at Harperbury and St Alban’s City Hospitals, in Hertfordshire. He worked as a...

Self-injury in people with learning disabilities

18 March 1998

Nursing Standard

Learning disabilities

Perhaps the most distressing and bizarre of all behavioural aberrations that people exhibit are those repetitive or stereotyped acts that produce self-inflicted...

Strengthening leadership in learning disability nursing

01 June 2015

Learning Disability Practice


This article describes the Scottish learning disability senior nurse group’s position paper on leadership. Its main aim is to ensure that the contribution of the...

Learning disability nursing: how to refocus the profession

10 February 2010

Learning Disability Practice


It has been found in recent years that the healthcare needs of people with learning disabilities have not always been fully met. The authors suggest that this...
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