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Autism spectrum disorders: physical health care in a low secure forensic setting

09 June 2015

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Aims To identify the prevalence of psychiatric and physical health comorbidity in an adult male low secure autism spectrum disorder unit; to establish the clinical...

Role of reasonable adjustments in improving care: a case study

02 March 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Healthcare and other services have a legal duty to ensure that people with learning disabilities and autism are treated with the same standard of care as any other...

a to z of autistic spectrum disorder

01 July 2007

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

For the purpose of this poster the umbrella term of ASD has been used instead of individual diagnostic categories. This is an edited version of the original poster.

finding positive alternatives to physical restraint

01 December 2006

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Last February The Howard League for Penal Reform stated that unacceptable levels of pain was routinely being used to restrain children in custody. The report was the...

Communicating with the child who has autistic spectrum disorder: a practical introduction

01 February 2006

Paediatric Nursing


Many health professionals seem to lack the knowledge and skills required to understand and communicate with the child or young person with an autistic spectrum...

Understanding autism spectrum conditions

27 June 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

People with autism are especially vulnerable to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. They need their environments to be predictable, which may...

a tool for increasing participation among pupils with autistic spectrum disorders

01 March 2008

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

The Sunfield Assessment and Outreach Service (SAOS) provides support for children and young people with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) in their home and school...

Improving interactions between siblings

30 September 2012

Learning Disability Practice


The implementation of behavioural interventions changed the behaviour of a five-year-old boy with a learning disability and severe autism, who became aggressive when...

Experiences of family life with an autism assistance dog

06 May 2010

Learning Disability Practice


This article examines the day-to-day experiences of parents living with an assistance dog for their autistic child, and that of the whole family. Seven such parents...

Dental services for children with autism spectrum disorder

26 March 2014

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Aim To identify what parents perceive to be good practice in the care of children with autism in dental settings and to highlight difficulties in accessing dental...
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