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Role of collaboration in providing holistic care for young people

01 July 2011

Mental Health Practice


Holistic, co-ordinated patient care requires good interprofessional collaboration. Two universities in Wales developed an interprofessional post-registration course...

Using a training needs analysis framework in career development

01 May 2011

Nursing Management


This is the second of two articles looking at the use of training needs analysis frameworks to streamline the provision of continuing professional development (CPD)...

Training for staff who care for clients with dementia

02 November 2015

Learning Disability Practice

Art & Science

Introduction People with learning disabilities are more likely to develop dementia of the Alzheimer’s type than the general population. Evidence is limited...

Development of a training course for clinical trials staff

08 July 2011

Cancer Nursing Practice


Research nurses and other trials staff routinely play an important part in obtaining patients’ consent to participate in clinical trials and perform many essential...

the ethnicity training network: addressing the health needs of people from minority ethnic communities

01 March 2005

Learning Disability Practice

A&S Science

Ethnic minorities represent a significant part of the British population; the most recent census showed that minority ethnic communities form nine per cent of the...

Training care staff about the concept of learning disability

10 June 2009

Learning Disability Practice


This article reports on a study that examined the effect of a one-day training course for support staff on their knowledge about the concept of learning disability,...

Open AccessPO25 – Catastrophe simulation through an interactive board game

09 May 2016

Nursing Children and Young People


Theme: Multidisciplinary team working. Aim: Catastrophes are rare, which means that the habit of dealing with them is small and all while there are high demands on...

Workforce planning

01 February 1998

Nursing Management

General Article

Workforce planning is of strategic importance, a complex process, and represents a major challenge for all those who seek to address the health needs of local...

Using narratives and discourses in neglect-prevention training

01 June 2013

Nursing Management


Training in neglect prevention for healthcare professionals should incorporate understanding of who is at risk, what represents neglect, how signs might be...

Developing a successful local leadership programme

03 December 2010

Primary Health Care


This article outlines the creation of a local leadership programme that resulted from the need to recruit to senior posts in clinical management. In particular, it...