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Role of clinical nurse leadership in improving patient care

26 December 2009

Nursing Management


Leadership in nursing plays a crucial part in the provision of good patient care. However, the terms ‘nursing leadership’ and ‘nursing management’ are often...

The challenge of relationship boundaries in mental health

01 October 2004

Nursing Management


People can play multiple roles in their lives that both relate to other people and imply certain things about what they do.

Nurse prescribing: children’s nurses’ views

01 February 2003

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Nurse prescribing was first recommended by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in 1980, and became part of the government’s policy agenda in 1986 with the Cumberledge...

The role of nurses in ambulance services

11 April 2012

Emergency Nurse


Nurses are increasingly becoming involved in ambulance services in England and Wales. This article discusses some of the work they do and why their involvement is...

Expanding practice: developments in nursing and midwifery career pathways

01 June 2007

Nursing Management


OVER THE PAST decade there have been unprecedented developments in nursing and midwifery in the Republic of Ireland (ROI).

Comparing roles: senior nurses and modern matrons

01 May 2007

Nursing Management


EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP is key to the delivery of better healthcare services for the people of Scotland (Scottish Executive Health Department 2005).

Advanced practice in nursing: from concept to reality

22 April 2009

Nursing Management


This article provides an overview of an advanced practice initiative developed at NHS Lanarkshire. The criteria that must be met when determining advanced practice...

Children’s views of nursing and medical roles: implications for advanced nursing practice

01 June 2006

Paediatric Nursing

A&S Science

Aim: Changes in healthcare delivery make it increasingly likely that children accessing ambulatory care will receive their health assessment and management from...

Advanced practice in paediatric intensive care: a review

10 February 2009

Paediatric Nursing


Advanced nursing roles are one way of encouraging experienced nurses to stay in clinical practice so they can provide expert care, develop practice and be role...

Understanding and supporting the physical health needs of clients

05 July 2012

Mental Health Practice


Poor physical health is more common among people with mental health problems than in the population as a whole. The focus on equality of access and improved outcomes...