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Physical health care in medium secure services

08 January 2003

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Background The physical healthcare needs of patients in medium secure units (MSUs) are often overlooked. The authors of this article audited patients in one forensic...

Tackling substance misuse in a secure mental health unit

01 October 2005

Mental Health Practice


Many people with mental health problems are also substance misusers. Indeed, an audit conducted among patients using the forensic service at Oxfordshire Mental...

From acorns…

01 March 2006

Mental Health Practice


Over the past few years there has been an increased focus on nursing research activity in Scotland. The Scottish Executive health department’s national strategy for...

Reducing violence in a forensic mental health unit: a seven-year study

01 December 2005

Mental Health Practice


All violent incidents within the Humber Centre for Forensic Psychiatry in Hull were scrutinised over a seven-year period. The study was carried out between April...

Reaping the rewards of better fitness

10 February 2009

Mental Health Practice


The physical health problems of long-stay patients in psychiatric hospitals, including obesity and diabetes, have often been described. They reflect lifestyle,...

Dual diagnosis: training needs and attitudes of nursing staff

01 March 2013

Mental Health Practice

Art & Science

Background There is limited research in forensic mental health services about staff attitudes towards substance misuse or how improvements in training might affect...

The vignette revisited: evil and the forensic nurse

01 July 2002

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

The vignette is a valuable and flexible research tool in behavioural sciences and health care. Joel Richman and Dave Mercer outline the variable application of this...

Adolescent forensic mental health nursing

01 December 1997

Mental Health Practice


Child and adolescent services across the country have been facing increasing pressures in recent years. The government is focusing on national and regional proposals...

Assessing and managing people exposed to conducted energy device (Taser) discharge

08 February 2022

Emergency Nurse

service delivery and improvement

The use of conducted energy devices – better known under the brand name Taser – by police officers is subject to scrutiny. Consequently, the clinical assessment and...