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Solution oriented learning: an innovative approach that promotes motivation and resilience

29 August 2018

Mental Health Practice


This article explores the use of solution-oriented learning as an approach to coping with formal learning and practice development needs. The article explains each...

Using STML as a theoretical model for a qualitative case study

31 January 2019

Nurse Researcher

study design

Background Selecting and applying an appropriate theoretical model is essential in research development. Aim To describe the use of the simplified...

Student-led simulation: preparing students for leadership

25 October 2018

Nursing Management


It is vital to prepare nurses to become informed leaders with the required knowledge and skills to support effective patient care and outcomes. This article...

Developing and evaluating an e-learning resource for nurses in haemato-oncology

21 August 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice


Haemato-oncology nursing is a complex area of clinical practice. An online educational resource was developed to enhance new and ward-based nurse’s knowledge of...

Using smartphone technology and social media to introduce a new pain relief method during the fitting of contraceptive subdermal implants

23 August 2018

Primary Health Care

Sexual health

This article describes how a personal smartphone and an online video-sharing platform were used to produce and then disseminate an interactive training resource to...

Results of cross-faculty ‘capstone’ assessments involving nursing and performing arts students

06 September 2018

Nursing Management

embodied simulation

This article describes how ‘capstone’ assessments were created to provide two different student groups, nursing and performing arts students, with a lived experience...

Evaluating a new trauma and critical care management course for nurses

23 February 2021

Emergency Nurse

training and education

A new practical-based course for nurses on the management of major trauma has been developed using high-level simulation and moulage to deliver education based on...

An online international learning project in an undergraduate children’s nursing programme

29 April 2019

Nursing Children and Young People

learning opportunities

Internationalisation of the curriculum (IoC) is a focus for higher education institutions. IoC aims to equip students with essential enhanced skills in relation to...

Effect of e-learning on nurses’ continuing professional development

10 March 2020

Nursing Management

Staff development

Background E-learning can provide nurses with the opportunity to undertake lifelong learning and continuing professional development (CPD) in a flexible, practical...

Matilda the Musical: the potential value of the arts in children’s nursing education

25 June 2019

Nursing Children and Young People

Action research

Background Final-year children’s nursing students evaluated the content of their course and there was strong evidence they would benefit from supplementary teaching...