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Exploring the ethics of prescribing medicines

07 May 2010

Emergency Nurse


The delivery of holistic care should incorporate patient empowerment through the promotion of health and self-help measures, including pain relief. In this article,...

Because we’re worth it

29 November 2006

Nursing Standard


Charities have been putting together evidence about the value and cost-effectiveness of nurse specialists in an attempt to protect these important posts from being...

An exploration of NHS clinical staff perceptions of changes to clinical products and their procurement

09 January 2019

Nursing Management

improving services

The NHS in England is working to reduce variation and waste in the use of clinical products, which requires collaboration between those directly involved in...

Economic evaluation of interventions in health care

05 November 2014

Nursing Standard


Economic evaluation is rapidly becoming an invaluable tool for healthcare decision making, especially in light of current pressures on health services to reduce...

Factors affecting cost-effectiveness in wound care decision making

30 April 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

With increasing health service cutbacks, cost-effectiveness is a central issue in many wound care decisions. Clinicians are frequently required to justify clinical...

Obstacles that prevent nurse practitioners in New Zealand fulfilling their roles

29 May 2015

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

The nurse practitioner (NP) position has not been embraced as eagerly as other new health practitioner roles in New Zealand (NZ), and there is little research about...

Quality indicators in community care

25 February 2014

Primary Health Care

Patient outcomes

This article provides an overview of the growing importance of measuring quality in primary care nursing. Many of the tools used in practice centre on demonstrating...

Medicine wastage in a thromboprophylaxis protocol for ambulatory trauma patients

12 August 2020

Emergency Nurse

medicines management

Thromboprophylactic medicine is provided routinely to patients who present to emergency departments (EDs) with lower leg fractures as a preventive measure against...

Nursing-sensitive indicators: a concept analysis

08 April 2021

Nursing Management

quality improvement

Nursing-sensitive indicators (NSIs) are the criteria for changes in a person’s health status that nursing care can directly affect, and they form the foundation for...

Estimating the cost of an individualised music intervention for aged care residents with dementia

08 June 2022

Nursing Older People


Background Individualised music listening has been shown to reduce agitation and improve mood in people with dementia. However, there is a paucity of research...