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Suicidal mental health inpatients: principal approaches to care

01 June 2002

Mental Health Practice


There are two principal approaches to providing care for suicidal mental health inpatients, these are: special, close or non-routine observation and...

A new era for emergency care services in Ireland

13 September 2012

Emergency Nurse


The National Emergency Medicine Programme Strategy is a comprehensive plan to improve and develop emergency care in Ireland. It recommends significant changes in how...

Intravenous sedation for short procedures and investigations

22 October 1997

Nursing Standard

IV therapy

Many procedures in modern medicine are unpleasant and sedation is frequently employed to assist the patient to feel calm but remain compliant. Procedures include a...

Achieving safe staffing for older people in hospital

27 May 2012

Nursing Older People

A&S Science

Hospitals provide care for older people who are the frailest, most acutely ill and have the most complex needs, yet older people’s wards in many hospitals are poorly...

Improving delivery of care through change management

04 September 1996

Nursing Standard

Forensic mental health

Developing standards of care to meet older patients’ needs

07 February 1996

Nursing Standard

Standards of care

A ‘quality service’ has been described by Ovretveit (1992) as one which ‘gives individuals what they need as well as what they want and does so at the lowest cost’....

Developing an advanced nurse practitioner approach to clinical assessments

10 February 2017

Emergency Nurse

Evidence & practice

Emergency departments (EDs) often experience reduced patient flow, which results in low capacity, increased congestion and delays in patient care. Advanced nurse...