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Limitations associated with managing chronic low back pain

20 April 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Non-specific chronic low back pain is an occupational hazard for nurses. It may result in persistent and disabling pain for some people. There are many techniques...

An assessment of moving and handling practices among Scottish nurses

28 June 1995

Nursing Standard

Clinical research health

The aim of this study was to examine current practices within the Lothian Health Board area in relation to reporting of occupationally induced musculoskeletal...

Diagnosis and treatment of meralgia paresthetica

08 November 2010

Emergency Nurse


Many patients present to emergency departments with lower back pain, for which there are several differential diagnoses. One of these is meralgia paresthetica, an...

Back pain in nursing and associated factors: a study

18 June 1997

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This article reports on an assessment of back pain and associated factors undertaken with nursing staff on nine NHS hospital wards and two private wards. One hundred...

Back pain: pathogenesis, diagnosis and management

05 December 2012

Nursing Standard


Back pain is a common problem that may have physical and psychosocial consequences for the patient if not managed effectively. Assessment should aim to identify any...

Manual handling and nursing children

01 March 2002

Paediatric Nursing


The aim of this article is to highlight some of the unique challenges relating to handling children, such as: their stage of physical and cognitive development,...

Time to focus on posture

01 May 2009

Primary Health Care


There is evidence that people of all ages are experiencing higher levels of back pain and discomfort, and much of this is related to poor posture. A chiropractor...

Percutaneous vertebroplasty

14 April 2004

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Percutaneous vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure used to stabilise vertebral compression fractures caused by osteoporosis, haemangioma, myeloma,...

Defining and implementing a ‘no lifting’ standard

24 July 1996

Nursing Standard

Lifting and handling

Nursing patients with acute aortic dissection in emergency departments

09 April 2019

Emergency Nurse

Evidence and practice

Acute aortic dissection is an emergency condition that is often missed during initial assessment. Delay in diagnosis increases mortality, but the presentation can...