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Peripherally inserted central catheter service: improving practice with ultrasound

13 September 2008

Cancer Nursing Practice


Intravenous therapy can be complex, often requiring central venous access. The Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre (BHOC) has a well-established nurse-led...

Ultrasonography and radiography: a comparison

08 May 2015

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

Distal limb fractures are common presentations to emergency departments and minor injury units (MIUs). The authors conducted a study of the usefulness and efficiency...

How to perform transrectal ultrasound and prostate biopsy

06 April 2016

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Rationale and key points This article aims to help nurses to support patients who require a prostate biopsy to diagnose or exclude prostate cancer. Nurses will also...

Medical imaging techniques: implications for nursing care

21 June 2006

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The four basic techniques of medical imaging are X-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance and radionuclide. This article describes imaging techniques that display...

Information support on high intensity focused ultrasound and cryotherapy for treating localised prostate cancer

08 February 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

evidence & practice

Aim Patients diagnosed with localised prostate cancer have a choice between comparable standard treatments, and developing focal therapy, with high intensity focused...

Palatable truth

06 July 2005

Nursing Standard


Parents can be devastated when a scan reveals their expected baby has a cleft palate. Nurses working in this specialist field can offer support and practical...

No waiting in vein

29 November 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Patients in the Wirral with a suspected DVT can now be diagnosed and treated in a nurse-led centre. ► The service has reduced waiting times and unnecessary hospital...