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Analysis of triage worldwide

09 July 2009

Emergency Nurse


Several triage methods have been developed and adopted around the world but none has been devised for specific patient populations such as older people or those with...

Developing a triage tool for paediatric care

02 June 2009

Emergency Nurse


Most paediatric triage systems used in UK emergency departments (EDs) are adapted from adult tools. Paediatric-specific triage tools have been developed in...

Making better decisions during triage

01 October 2014

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

Interactions between nurses and patients during triage are crucial if the urgency of patient need is to be assessed accurately. This article reports on the results...

Auditing a chemotherapy triage telephone service

01 July 2005

Cancer Nursing Practice


The increased need for a system of assessment, intervention and care that is not based on in-person visits is being recognised. Assessing and advising patients over...

Early warning scores: are they needed in emergency care?

01 May 2009

Emergency Nurse


This article reviews an audit to assess how adequately emergency department (ED) staff can use with little training a modified Patient At Risk (mPAR) early warning...

Navigating triage to meet targets for waiting times

01 June 2013

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

An initial assessment process, called navigation, has been introduced at Medway Maritime Hospital emergency department (ED) to address problems with the triage...

Telephone triage–identifying the demand (Part 1)

13 May 1998

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This paper is the first of a two-part literature review which explores the role of telephone consultation within health care delivery and considers the demand for...

Maintaining a safe environment in emergency department waiting rooms

19 December 2023

Emergency Nurse

Managing patients

Increasing demand, overcrowding and insufficient resources have led to situations where patient care is delivered in emergency department (ED) waiting rooms. For...

Making a game of urgent care: simulation for nursing students

08 November 2011

Emergency Nurse


This article discusses the Triage Game, a board game for nursing students that encourages players to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills in a...

Nurse interventions in ambulance cornmand-and-control centres

07 December 2009

Emergency Nurse


As a result of a merger between NHS Direct in Wales and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust, an initiative in which nurses assess the presenting symptoms of...