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Promoting alternatives to PRN medicines in secure inpatient mental health services

23 November 2021

Mental Health Practice

psychotropic medicines

The use of ‘pro re nata’ (PRN) or ‘as required’ medicines is widespread in inpatient mental health services, often as a first-line intervention when patients are...

Cannabinoids for the treatment of cancer-related pain: a systematic review

21 January 2020

Cancer Nursing Practice

Complementary therapies

Pain is a well-documented symptom of cancer, and pharmacological treatment options aside from opioids, which can have burdensome side effects, remain limited....

Reviewing the physiology, pharmacology and therapeutic uses of ketamine

23 August 2021

Nursing Standard


Ketamine is a synthetic drug with unique properties which started to be used therapeutically in humans in the 1970s and is now widely used in all fields of nursing....

Overuse of psychotropics: implementing the STOMP programme in clinical practice

09 December 2021

Learning Disability Practice

medicines management

There is evidence that people with learning disabilities, particularly those with behaviour that challenges, are prescribed psychotropics even when they do not have...