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Fertility oncology for premenopausal women

09 February 2010

Cancer Nursing Practice


A female fertility oncology service that allows urgent consultations with a fertility expert before cancer treatment has been developed in Greater Manchester and...

Nursing support during treatment of multiple myeloma with proteasome inhibitors

05 July 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

evidence and practice

In the past two years proteasome inhibitors have risen in prominence reflecting the recent approval of two new agents, carfilzomib and ixazomib. This means there are...

Psychological effects of choosing active surveillance on men with prostate cancer

01 April 2019

Cancer Nursing Practice

men’s health needs

Greater awareness about prostate cancer has led to an increase in early detection of organ-confined prostate cancers and, as a result, some men are diagnosed with a...

Oral vinorelbine: a practical approach to patient management

02 May 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

Oral vinorelbine has been a well-established cytotoxic treatment for non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic breast cancer since 2004. This article summarises the...

Procedural pain management in patients with cancer

06 June 2018

Nursing Standard


Pain has been identified as one of the most significant factors in patients’ experience of cancer and its treatment. Pain experienced during cancer treatment...

A screening tool to identify frailty in older people with lymphoma and help assess treatment and social support needs

30 May 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

frailty tool

By 2020, two million people aged 65 and over will be living with a cancer diagnosis, and about 14,000 people are diagnosed with lymphoma each year. Assessment...

An observational study of the effect of dilution and delivery speed on the development of phlebitis after epirubicin chemotherapy

13 May 2019

Cancer Nursing Practice

nursing care

Aim Epirubicin causes venous irritation when administered through a peripheral cannula. The aim of this study was to identify if the speed of administration and/or...

Can community pharmacy practitioners support patients who take oral anticancer medication? Patients’ needs and views

06 December 2018

Cancer Nursing Practice

Service evaluation

As more oral anticancer agents are available community pharmacy practitioners (CPPs) may need to play a greater role in supporting people with cancer. This article...

Presentation, diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer

17 August 2018

Nursing Standard


Colorectal (bowel) cancer remains a common disease, particularly in developed countries. If diagnosed early, it has a high five-year survival rate, yet the disease...

Continuing professional development: lymphoma in primary care

07 May 2019

Primary Health Care

blood cancer

Lymphoma encompasses a heterogeneous group of haematological malignancies that require complex management. Patients with lymphoma experience a wide range of...