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Parkinson's disease

01 April 1999

Elderly Care

Nursing practice parkinson's disease

The Parkinson's Disease Society has come a long wayin the 30 years since it was founded.

Parkinson‘s disease

01 May 1999

Elderly Care

Nursing practice parkinson’s disease

Disabled people often face unacceptable difficulties when they try to use NHS services - inappropriate signage, poorly located lifts, in accessible lavatory or...

Epilepsy and services for older people

01 June 2002

Nursing Older People


Although epilepsy can occur at any age, almost a quarter of people affected are over 60 years old. It is important for nurses working with older people to understand...

continence: an update on policy priorities and practice implications in primary care

01 December 2001

Nursing Older People


Recent national policies have created new frameworks and guidance on the assessment and treatment of continence problems. This article offers an update on new policy...

Taxing patients

13 November 1996

Nursing Standard


PATIENTS WILL suffer following the government’s decision to charge VAT on incontinence pads.

How healthcare professionals can become disability aware

24 March 1999

Nursing Standard


Advances in medicine and technology mean that people are now living longer. A significant number of these will have some form of impairment and might be disabled....

Unexpected death

05 May 1999

Nursing Standard


IT IS NOW acknowledged that an excess ofmortality is associated with epilepsy aboveand beyond that of the underlying disease. But the phenomenon of sudden...

Investing in continence

15 September 1999

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

A year of relentless lobbying by the RCN Continence Care Forum, supported by RCN Forum for Nurses Working with Older People, led to an announcement from Paul Boateng...

Continence action

17 January 2001

Nursing Standard

Analysis: political lobbying

NURSES' relationship with politics is viewed by many as a conflicting one. but it is a relationship that nurses cannot afford to neglect. Nurses have the potential...

Label conscious

23 August 2000

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: opinion

The government should be applauded for launching the recent Looking Beyond Labels guidance, which states NHS managers must do more to recruit and retain disabled...