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Masculinities, men and promoting health through primary care

01 October 2006

Primary Health Care

Clinical update

There is a lot of evidence about the inequalities in health between men and women, but inequalities also exist between different socioeconomic groups of men (White...

Men’s health: more than some of his parts

20 January 1999

Nursing Standard


MEDIA COVERAGE of male health often falls into the trap of reducing it to male illnesses concentrating on certain body parts. But this forces us into a narrow...

Evaluation of a neighbourhood health and wellbeing programme

01 April 2009

Primary Health Care


The Neighbourhood Renewal Fund (NRF) was set up by the government to enable local programmes to take practical action to reduce inequalities in disadvantaged...

Development of the nursing associate role in community and primary care settings across England

13 April 2022

Primary Health Care

Nursing associate role

Nursing associates have been part of the health and social care workforce in England since 2017 and are starting to contribute to managing workforce challenges....

Open AccessMoral distress in advanced practice nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic

29 September 2022

Nursing Standard

nurses’ well-being

Background Moral distress arises when a person is aware of the right course to take but is prevented from acting on it by institutional constraints. While this...