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One jab benefits all

05 April 2005

Nursing Standard


NEUMOCOCCAL INFECTION is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the community, particularly in older people. Next month, the Department of Health (DH) is...

Flu Blues

08 November 2005

Nursing Standard

General article

Flu is at best miserable and at worst can have serious complications. Children are as vulnerable to the infection as adults and in certain circumstances vaccination...

An overview of genital warts

12 February 2014

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

Genital warts are a common sexually transmitted infection that is particularly prevalent in young people. Although the warts are usually painless and rarely cause...

Why infection control should be everyone’s responsibility

29 August 2017

Primary Health Care


Infection control is vital in all aspects of health and social care provision. Infection prevents healing and destroys lives, so all health and social care workers...

Ethical debate for practice nurses

01 August 2001

Primary Health Care

Guest editorial

Ethics is the theme of this year’s National Practice Nurse Conference in Essex. ‘Ethics’ and ‘ethical’ are words much banded about these days. Questions abound on...

Ready to pick up the challenges

01 April 2002

Primary Health Care


I am writing this on the eve of the 19th Practice Nurse conference which is being held in Belfast and which looks set to be a huge success. I would first of all like...

Ditching the dependency culture

01 October 2010

Primary Health Care


RADICAL CHANGES are anticipated in primary care because of the government shake-up of the NHS, with particular attention on where efficiencies can be made. The ‘Self...

Pneumococcal vaccination campaign

01 March 2006

Primary Health Care


The aim of the ‘Know About Pneumo’ campaign, launched last month, is to advise people about pneumococcal disease. Since last April it has been advised that everyone...

An update on childhood vaccination

01 December 2004

Primary Health Care


It is inevitable that any changes to the childhood vaccination schedule will cause a level of concern among parents and lead to new sets of questions. Practice...

Weight management through the development of a healthy lifestyle

01 March 2011

Primary Health Care


This article will look at the difference between weight management and dieting and will suggest some of the ways that healthcare professionals can help adults to...