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Effect of nurse managers’ leadership styles on predicted nurse turnover

14 July 2020

Nursing Management


Background Predicting nurse turnover is important to prevent expensive and avoidable staff loss. One factor that may influence nurse turnover is nurse managers’...

Identifying the nurse characteristics that affect anticipated turnover

10 December 2020

Nursing Management

nurse retention

Background Nurse turnover is a prevalent and serious issue in Jordan, with many nurses leaving their jobs to search for better opportunities outside the country. It...

Exploring the relationships between stress, resilience and job performance among nurses in Jordan

20 December 2023

Nursing Management


Background Nurses are a crucial part of healthcare organisations, constituting around half of the global healthcare workforce. Therefore, it is important to examine...

Toxoplasmosis prevention: knowledge and practices among pregnant women in Jordan

05 May 2021

Primary Health Care


Background Toxoplasmosis is a common zoonotic infection which, in pregnant women, can result in miscarriage, stillbirth or child disability. Prevention and education...

Long-term conditions in older adults using primary care services

25 February 2016

Primary Health Care

Art & Science

Older adults are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with long-term conditions than those in other age groups. The aim of this study was to examine long-term...