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Only action really counts

03 October 2007

Nursing Standard


Despite many years of discussion about Britain being a tolerant multicultural society, race and ethnicity continue to be huge issues. This year has seen...

Unequal lives: health and socioeconomic inequalities

01 March 2008

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

This book really does do what it says on the tin! It claims to be for non-specialists in health inequalities, and as someone who admits to having no particular...

Caring for Ourselves

01 December 2003

Mental Health Practice


A long time ago I was introduced to giving feed-back in the form of a sandwich – ‘like, dislike, like’. So here goes. This book, aimed mainly at psychotherapists,...

Know Yourself: The individual’s guide to career development in healthcare

01 December 2005

Mental Health Practice


Nursing is no longer necessarily a job for life, although many may have a career which includes several posts. This makes career development increasingly important...

The language of injury: comprehending self-mutilation

01 June 1998

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

Self injury causes more anxiety than any other type of presentation. Little preparation for working with this client group is available during basic training and...

Race, culture and ethnicity in secure psychiatric practice

01 July 2001

Mental Health Practice

Book Review

As a novice to secure institutions, this book took me logically through the experience of ethnic people in Britain before offering a specific focus on forensic...

Diary of an executive nurse

01 December 2004

Nursing Management


IT RECENTLY occurred to me that I have been a director of nursing for as long as it took me to become a registered nurse.

Implementing a nursing model for ward-based students

09 October 1996

Nursing Standard


The inclusion of nursing models in nursing curricula is part of a larger change in the approach to nurse education which is linked to nursing's apparent desire for...

If you want something done, ask a nurse

14 May 2003

Nursing Standard


Recently a participant at a trust event asked why is it always nurses who have to do clinical governance. I looked around the room and realised that, despite...