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Smoke inhalation: assessing and managing patients

01 November 2003

Emergency Nurse


Despite multidisciplinary approaches to fire prevention, fires continue to cause casualties and fatalities (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2001). Most fire...

Richard goes back to the floor

24 August 2004

Nursing Standard


AS MY first clinical nursing shift in more than 20 years approached, I became anxious. The long time lapse since I had last been in clinical practice made me...

Staff must be free to move between providers

30 August 2006

Nursing Standard


I was interested to read ‘Health alliance fights government plan to expand treatment centres’ (news August 2). As independent sector treatment centre (ISTC)...

Paying dividends for nursing

11 April 1990

Nursing Standard


I wish to express my delight at reading Susan Scott's article in Nursing Standard (March 21-27) in which she identifies how some of the objectives within the...

Nurse-led medicines monitoring: a study examining the effects of the West Wales Adverse Drug Reaction Profile

Nursing Standard

evidence & practice

Aim Aim The physical health of people with mental health conditions is often suboptimal, and in many cases this may be related to their prescription medicines. One...

Sister Suzie is put on the P2000 carpet

25 August 1993

Nursing Standard


Sister Susie’s article, Vocational Awards, was written somewhat tongue-in- cheek (Viewpoint, August 4) it nevertheless contains a number of comments which we find...