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Cultural awareness in nursing and health care

01 May 2011

Nursing Management

Book Review

This book encourages readers to reflect on their experiences and attitudes in delivering appropriate and non-discriminatory care. it focuses on issues related to...

What is the story behind this intriguing photograph?

15 September 1999

Nursing Standard


I was fascinated by the photograph illustrating 'Nursing by numbers' (Cover September 8). I am so intrigued by the idea that 23 nurses would have the time to drag...

Student life - How to win friends and alienate people

22 August 2001

Nursing Standard


The new NHS aims to place the patient firmly in the centre of healthcare planning. However, enabling effective, meaningful patient participation presents many...

Golden hello

09 May 2001

Nursing Standard


The problem of recruitment and retention in medicine and nursing is complex, and the offer demonstrates a lack of understanding of motivation of healthcare...

Abolition of community health councils a blow to user participation

13 December 2000

Nursing Standard


The suggestion to scrap community health councils (CHCs) is an example of the government throwing out the baby with the bath water (News November 29).

A mature relationship would reduce no-shows

13 September 2000

Nursing Standard


It was interesting that a newsreport about imposing astandard charge to discouragepatients from missing GPappointments was next to onedescribing how the number...

Ideas fair helped groups to work together

26 September 2001

Nursing Standard

Perspectives: letters

My local primary care group (PCG) has experienced similar problems to Wayne Edgson when trying to consult the public on the formation of a primary care trust...

Knocked out by flu vaccine success

25 October 2000

Nursing Standard


In order to ease the 'winter pressures' of last year, the health department has changed the eligibility criteria for the flu vaccine from 75 years and over to 65 and...

Clinical pocket reference: diabetes

01 June 2005

Nursing Standard

Book Review

At first glance, I feared that the diminutive size and laminated flip-flop, spiral-bound format meant style over content. But this book is a treasure trove, ranging...

Symptoms in the Pharmacy– A Guide to the Management of Common Illness

27 July 2005

Nursing Standard

Book Review

The fifth edition of this useful book aims to equip community pharmacists with the information they need to provide appropriate advice for a wide range of common...