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Going their. own way

20 November 2001

Nursing Standard


CRISIS, WHAT crisis? After a long period of apparently being immune from the nurse shortages hitting south of the border, Scotland is now having to face up to and...

Where do your staff go?

01 July 1994

Nursing Management

Where do your staff go?

Recruitment difficulties, nursing shortages and high staff turnover were major issues for many nurse managers in the 1980s. In more recent years, other...

Casuals stay in fashion

01 February 1995

Nursing Management

General article

Flexibility has become a watchword of the NHS reforms. Devolving managerial responsibility and creating NHS trusts will, it is claimed, allow managers to be more...

Focus on the benefits

01 February 1996

Nursing Management

General article

The main claims of the benefit of the patient-focus approach are quality and productivity improvements, better management of resources, and improved patient and...

Paying for performance

01 October 1994

Nursing Management

RCN News

It is difficult to present any kind of ‘how to’ approach to performance related pay (PRP) when, for many commentators, the debate has not reached the ‘how’ stage. It...

The bank manager’s account

01 January 1995

Nursing Management

General article

Bank nurses and agency nurses have traditionally formed the ‘temporary’ element of the nursing workforce. While the use of agency nurses has been centred on urban...

The leaver on your budget

01 September 1994

Nursing Management

Nursing management

In a previous article (1) I argued that the turnover of nursing staff should be monitored, irrespective of the extent to which turnover was regarded as a problem by...

Local difficulties

01 April 1995

Nursing Management

Local difficulties

Watershed or window dressing? The recommendations of the twelfth annual report of the nurses' pay Review Body (1) have been the most controversial in its history.

Nurses bear the brunt of insecurity

01 March 1995

Nursing Management


Contract and time-basced flexibility are two forms of flexible employment which have become more apparent in recent years in the NHS.

Sharing the advantages

01 June 1994

Nursing Management

General article

Job-sharing is a form of flexible employment which has attracted increasing interest in recent years. In the NHS, and in nursing in particular, it is regarded as one...
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