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Issues in infertility nursing: broadening the debate

25 March 1998

Nursing Standard


Media interest in fertility treatments and the technologies used in the quest for a child by infertile couples seems to be inexhaustible. Open debate of the issues...

Developing nursing knowledge and language

04 September 1996

Nursing Standard

Nursing education

Caring is fundamental to nursing (Watson 1988) but it has proved difficult to define its nature clearly. Consequently, it is also difficult to teach.

Student life - Emotions in check

28 July 2009

Nursing Standard

Career developments

Psychoanalyst Isabel Menzies wrote in the 1970s that professional nurse-patient relationships are far more intense and complicated than ‘ordinary’ social...

Buddies help find the way

09 March 2010

Nursing Standard

Career development

‘We were given a map of the hospital and told to find our own way,’ is one comment from a third-year student nurse recalling her experience of a first-year...

Coping with Infertility

12 June 1991

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint infertility

Cherie Cottle’s recent article (1) highlights the dilemmas of infertile couples in a pro-natalist society.

Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Nursing Diagnoses with Interventions

31 July 1991

Nursing Standard

Book Review

My first thought when I began to read the Nurse’s Pocket Guide: Nursing Diagnoses with Interventions was 'at last, a nursing dictionary instead of the usual medical...

Artificial sexuality

04 February 1992

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint equal opportunities

In his recent article, 'No masters without slaves' (1), Gelling argues that the disparity between nursing and medicine is based on the inequalities between men...

What sociology offers

31 July 1991

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint career development

I have just finished a three-year degree in sociology after 12 years' previous full-time work in nursing. The most burning question for me is ‘where to now?’ Am I a...

Man about the house

18 November 1992

Nursing Standard

Viewpoint society

I assumed I knew all about gender roles: I wrote enough about them in the course of my sociology degree. But, as always, personal experience proved to be of greater...

Government seems blind to the realities of care in acute trusts

08 February 2012

Nursing Standard


I am writing to publicise my dismay at the Health and Social Care Bill, which is in its last stages in parliament.