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Metformin-associated lactic acidosis

03 September 2014

Emergency Nurse

Art & Science

This article discusses the case of a 68-year-old emergency department patient with hypoglycaemia, hypotension, unconsciousness and a severe metabolic acidosis. It...

Time to set the record straight over Mr Vint

22 September 1999

Nursing Standard


In response to the ongoing critical comments prompted by the appearance of Andrew Vint's photograph (News August 18), I would like to point out that Andrew is not a...

Evidence suggests the prone position is safe

27 July 2005

Nursing Standard


The clinical article on positioning critically ill patients in hospital (art&science June 29) includes a section on the prone position.

Improving communication with families in the intensive care unit

06 September 2017

Nursing Standard

Evidence & practice

Families (‘family’ will be used in this article to refer to anyone the patient considers significant, whether they are an actual family member or not) of patients...

Nasogastric feeding practice in intensive care units: a study

28 August 1996

Nursing Standard

Intensive care

This study examined the practice of nasogastric feeding on one intensive care unit (ICU). Data collection took place over 135 feeding days on 26 patients who met...

Nursing care and management of patients with intrapleural drains

27 January 2010

Nursing Standard


Most nurses working in an acute hospital setting will encounter patients with chest drains and underwater seal drainage at some point in their careers. This article...

Professionals - but we are also employees

09 November 1994

Nursing Standard


While I enjoyed Kim Tolley’s examination of the UKCC’s Scope of Professional Practice document (Extending nurses’ professional roles, Clinical, October 12), I do...

Introducing a bereavement support programme in ICU

13 August 1997

Nursing Standard


Until 1994, the intensive care unit (ICU) at Hull Royal Infirmary offered no facility for bereaved family and friends to seek information and comfort following the...