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Psychometric testing of inventory of beliefs and attitudes on domestic violence

22 June 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Domestic violence (DV) is an international public health issue associated with adverse health outcomes for adults and children. There have been widespread...

Application of meta-summary to derive a measurement instrument from the literature: a method exemplar

15 November 2018

Nurse Researcher


Background Measurement tools are a common method to collect data in observational and survey research. Nurse researchers have developed numerous scales and...

Blogs as a way to elicit feedback on research and engage stakeholders

14 January 2015

Nurse Researcher

Social media

Aim To reflect on the potential of blogs to enhance engagement with research, create a dialogue between researchers and nurses, and provide feedback to researchers....

Determining the optimal cut-off scores for the Workplace Bullying Inventory

18 December 2017

Nurse Researcher

Evidence & practice

Background Over the past two decades, there has been considerable research into workplace bullying. One area that remains poorly developed is a tool with the...

The development and validation of a bullying inventory for the nursing workplace

01 January 2008

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Over the last decade, there has been growing recognition that bullying is a pervasive feature of most, if not all, workplaces. Although single acts of aggression or...