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Development of an activities care crew to support patients

29 September 2016

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Improving care for people with dementia in acute hospitals is a priority in the UK. The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading has implemented a range of initiatives,...

Using the Relating to Older People Evaluation tool to measure ageism in higher education

15 May 2019

Nursing Older People

technology-enabled care

Background The global population is ageing and this trend is expected to continue. Attitudes towards older people differ worldwide. Ageism is a complex, multifaceted...

Effects of social isolation and restrictions on older people during the COVID-19 pandemic

18 May 2022

Nursing Older People


Background Older people’s health is vulnerable to the effects of long-term changes to everyday life and their recovery from ill health can be delayed by the...

Use of focus group data from countries with linguistic differences: translation, analysis and presentation

06 February 2020

Nurse Researcher


Background The use of focus groups to collect data has increased in nursing research and provides rich, in-depth understanding of a phenomenon that can inform...

Evidencing diversity: development of a structured tool for investigating teaching of pressure injury on people with darker skin tones

01 April 2021

Nurse Researcher

Data collection

Background Dismantling structural racism challenges nurses to consider the extent to which issues of inclusion, diversity and race are operationalised in day-to-day...