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Enabling research cultures in nursing: insights from a multidisciplinary group of experienced researchers

01 March 2013

Nurse Researcher

Issues in research

Aim To identify characteristics of enabling and disabling research cultures. Background ‘Research culture’ is a term that is taken for granted and seldom defined....

Blogs as a way to elicit feedback on research and engage stakeholders

14 January 2015

Nurse Researcher

Social media

Aim To reflect on the potential of blogs to enhance engagement with research, create a dialogue between researchers and nurses, and provide feedback to researchers....

Exploring interprofessional practices in rapid response systems: a case study protocol

14 January 2015

Nurse Researcher

Clinical environments

Aim To describe the development of a proposed case study protocol investigating interprofessional relationships in a rapid response system (RRS) in a socioculturally...

Journaling: identification of challenges and reflection on strategies

20 April 2012

Nurse Researcher

A&S Science

Aims To identify the challenges associated with using journaling as a method of data collection and to offer strategies for effectively managing those challenges....

Using consensus from experts to inform a shared understanding of subjective terms

21 March 2019

Nurse Researcher

linguistic clarity

Background Consensus methods such as Delphi studies or the group nominal method have long been used in healthcare research to develop services, processes or policies...

Challenges and reflections from an international, humanitarian, short-term surgical mission on collecting ethnographic data in a remote environment

02 May 2019

Nurse Researcher


Background The experiences of nurses participating in ethnographic fieldwork have been well documented, but often feature short-term, intermittent periods in the...

Qualitative research interviewing: reflections on power, silence and assumptions

24 September 2020

Nurse Researcher

interview challenges

Background Novice researchers can face many challenges throughout their journey as researchers in training, particularly when interviewing for qualitative research....

Conducting qualitative research in the context of pre-existing peer and collegial relationships

30 May 2014

Nurse Researcher


Aim To highlight issues and challenges faced in recruitment and interviewing during a study that sought to explore the transition of nurses into academic life and...

A partnership model for a reflective narrative for researcher and participant

Nurse Researcher

evidence & practice

Background Background Conceptual frameworks are important to ensure a clear underpinning research philosophy. Further, the use of conceptual frameworks can support...

Strategies to enhance recruitment of rural-dwelling older people into community-based trials

14 September 2015

Nurse Researcher

Engaging participants

Aim To describe strategies that can enhance the recruitment of rural-dwelling older people into clinical trials. Background Recruitment to studies can be...