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Why we must keep nutrition on the radar

29 January 2018

Nursing Older People


Age UK and the Malnutrition Taskforce have published a report called The State of the Nation: An Overview of Older People and Malnutrition In the UK Today, to...

Campaign aims to save specialists

26 July 2011

Nursing Standard

Career development

Parkinson’s nurse specialists are vital for patients as well as their families and carers. These nurses offer targeted advice on a condition that affects around...

Avoiding malnutrition and spiralling ill health

13 December 2017

Nursing Standard


In a society more used to worrying about the health effects of obesity, it’s easy to overlook how serious malnutrition can be for older and more vulnerable people.

Watch out for the evidence of malnutrition in older inpatients

02 September 2015

Nursing Standard


Preventable malnutrition in older people often goes unrecognised and under-treated because of fallacies such as it is ‘natural’ to eat less in later life, or that...