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Reframing frailty as a long-term condition

24 September 2015

Nursing Older People


Frailty is a clinical syndrome that focuses on loss of reserve, energy and wellbeing. Older people with frailty tend to present late and often in crisis to health...

Practice question

30 June 2014

Nursing Older People


It is well known that the population is ageing, life expectancy is increasing and higher numbers of older people are living with frailty. Frailty is not an illness,...

How can I provide person-centred care for older people with frailty?

31 May 2018

Nursing Older People

Evidence & practice

Healthcare needs to change radically to better meet the needs of the ageing population. In the next 17 years the number of people aged 65 and older is projected to...

Developing the role of the community matron: the cornwall experience

01 June 2006

Primary Health Care

Community matrons

Cornwall is a rural county and is the second largest in the South West region. The largest town has a population of only 22,700, and almost half of the population...