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Susan Williams - International outlook

26 August 2015

Nursing Management


IT IS always great to see nurse-led innovations championed beyond the immediate nursing community. The latest import from the Netherlands to have caught the...

College scheme aids nursing in Zambia

27 April 2017

Nursing Management


For the past six years, the Department for International Development has been funding projects between health organisations in the UK and those in resource-poor...

Head of WHO pledges nurses in top team

29 June 2017

Nursing Management


‘I fully understand the critical role nurses play in health systems and agree that we must devote more attention and resources to nursing.’

Ireland sets priorities

01 October 1996

Nursing Management

News and analysis

From July to December 1996 the Irish government holds the presidency of the European Council which means that Ireland has the major say on the issues to be debated...

Treatment across Europe

01 December 2008

Nursing Management


THE EUROPEAN Commission has been ‘tidying up’ the rules concerning the right of patients to non-emergency treatment in European Union (EU) countries other than their...

Finding the right candidate

01 April 2009

Nursing Management


The current economic recession means that a general election in the UK before spring next year is unlikely. The less well-publicised European Parliament (EP)...

Global nursing

01 April 2010

Nursing Management


WHEN NURSES come together for international events, discussion at some point turns to nurse leadership, a common concern across the globe.

Rising from the ashes

01 June 2010

Nursing Management


Having been stranded in Bucharest, Romania, recently after the eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland had grounded aircraft across much of Europe, i understand the...

International outlook

01 November 2010

Nursing Management


One POORLY recognised success of the European Union (EU) has been agreement since the 1970s on minimum standards for nurse education across Europe. the legislation...

Under pressure to do better

01 February 2011

Nursing Management


AT FIRST sight, the World Health organization’s annual world health report seems to be aimed at resource-poor countries with limited access to adequate, publicly...
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