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Intravenous paracetamol in patients with renal colic

10 February 2011

Emergency Nurse


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and opioids have been the mainstay of pain relief in patients with renal colic, but both have side effects. Research on the...

The bigger picture

05 February 2014

Emergency Nurse


THERE ARE few topics that stir up as much discussion among emergency department staff as the roster: who has worked every holiday for the past three years, who has...

The bigger picture - How to give a statement

02 April 2014

Emergency Nurse


PATIENT COMPLAINTS are a permanent feature of the NHS. Some highlight genuine shortcomings in care, while others reflect unrealistic expectations of services.

Sara Morgan - The bigger picture

07 December 2015

Emergency Nurse


’TIS THE season for tipples and toasts, and festive alcohol-related visits to the emergency department (ED).

The bigger picture - How to deal with appraisal

02 July 2014

Emergency Nurse


YOU HAVE just finished a busy shift when your manager reminds you that you are meeting next week to complete your annual appraisal. You may sigh and add it to your...

The use of Lorazepam in status epilepticus

01 October 2001

Emergency Nurse


Status epilepticus has been defined as a ‘life threatening emergency’, with the potential for causing permanent neurological damage and lasting at least 30 minutes...

Sara Morgan - Bigger picture

09 October 2015

Emergency Nurse


ONE OF the best parts of nursing as a profession is that there are many opportunities to take a break from the regular job and try something new for a short period....

The bigger picture - Keep snacks out of sight

04 June 2014

Emergency Nurse


BOXES OF chocolates, bottles of fizzy drink and cups of coffee are often scattered around emergency departments (EDs) as nurses refuel themselves to get through...

High fidelity simulation to improve multidisciplinary team working with pre-registrants

22 February 2018

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Simulation has been introduced in recent years into international nursing curricula. Many educational establishments have developed simulation centres that resemble...

Developing trainee advanced nurse practitioners in clinical environments

30 January 2017

Nursing Management

Evidence & practice

Teaching and mentorship are fundamental parts of registered nurses’ roles, and learning should be managed and promoted in clinical practice to ensure excellence....
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