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Making the voice of clinical staff count in procurement

22 March 2018

Nursing Management


Procurement of equipment and consumables for the NHS in England is complex, and has historically centred on cost. However, the scale of NHS procurement, estimated at...

Collaboration needed in fight against disease spread

25 October 2011

Nursing Standard


Increased instances of antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance and the unpredictability of infectious disease outbreaks mean the need for global collaboration around...

Cutting antibiotic use

12 November 2014

Nursing Standard


November 18 is European Antibiotic Awareness Day, an annual event that gives us the opportunity to reflect on the issues surrounding the use of antibiotics, and to...

Everyone has a role in infection prevention

05 February 2014

Nursing Standard


Keeping work environments clean is essential for the provision of high quality, safe patient care.

We can all help reduce the resistance threat

13 November 2013

Nursing Standard


November 18 is the annual European antibiotic awareness day, an important day in the world of infection prevention and control. Antibiotics are unique and need to be...

We must all work together to stop infection spreading

01 November 2017

Nursing Standard


The prevention of infection is a vital part of patient safety and central to reducing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by lessening the need for antibiotics.

Nurses can lead drive to minimise antibiotic use

14 November 2012

Nursing Standard


November 18 is European Antibiotic Awareness Day – an opportunity to promote infection prevention and responsible antibiotic use.

Safety: Principle of Nursing Practice C

30 March 2011

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

This is the fourth article in a nine-part series describing the Principles of Nursing Practice developed by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in collaboration with...
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