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Connecting nurses to develop practice

27 February 2017

Nursing Management


As nurses, we have always had to develop and adapt as the world around us changes. The challenges we face, including an ageing population and a shortage of nurses,...

Dispelling the myths about the private sector

22 March 2017

Nursing Standard


The independent sector, with its range of career possibilities, doesn’t always feature in nurses’ career decisions, yet roles in this area can be extremely...

Supporting nurse leaders to recognise and mitigate the effects of moral injury

21 September 2022

Nursing Management

evidence and practice

The concept of moral injury has been around for several decades, yet its effect on nurses remains under-recognised. Moral injury is defined as the biopsychosocial...

Helping nurses through the revalidation process

01 April 2016

Nursing Management


Revalidation can seem challenging for some nurses and managers, but with the support of their organisations they can engage confidently with the process. This...