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Vantage point - A ‘wicked’ problem

30 September 2015

Nursing Management


SENIOR NURSES everywhere are facing a ‘wicked’ problem, wicked in the sense that it seems to defy resolution. The problem is this: the national shortage of nurses,...

Vantage point - High standards

01 February 2016

Nursing Management


ABOUT 18 MONTHS ago, senior staff at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust noticed that newly registered staff nurses had neither the confidence nor the skills necessary...

Back to the future

01 November 2008

Nursing Management


THE RCN is holding a major conference next month for nurse directors and nurse leaders to discuss the quality care agenda that has emerged from health minister Lord...

Now is the time to give visitors open access

25 January 2018

Nursing Management


The mother of one of my best friends spent Christmas week in hospital following a familiar enough pattern of events: frailty, fall, delirium.

A lost opportunity

12 March 1997

Nursing Standard

News comment

NURSES WILL have been surprised to learn that, as reported in last week’s Nursing Standard, three UK community nursing development units (NDUs) have folded. The...

Nursing and public health: the future

14 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The last two years have seen an increase indebate and discussion about the contribution ofnurses to public health. Leading the way in this, the RCN published Public...


28 July 1999

Nursing Standard


The Health and Safety Commission has asked the RCN for its views on a consultation document on genetically modified organisms. The consultation is being carried out...

Call for your input on Shifting the Balance

13 February 2002

Nursing Standard


The RCN has received feedback from nurses who are concerned about the government’s plans to reorganise NHS structures in England outlined in Shifting the Balance....

The evolving nurse

19 October 2004

Nursing Standard

Nursing the future

TRANSFORMATIONS IN health and social care are undoubtedly on the cards because demographic trends, patient expectations and health technologies are forcing change...

Stay together for the sake of the kids

23 November 1993

Nursing Standard


What a pleasure it was to read the article by Jim Richardson and Judy Edwards urging the further integration of nursing services for children in the community...
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