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Vantage point - A ‘wicked’ problem

30 September 2015

Nursing Management


SENIOR NURSES everywhere are facing a ‘wicked’ problem, wicked in the sense that it seems to defy resolution. The problem is this: the national shortage of nurses,...

Vantage point - High standards

01 February 2016

Nursing Management


ABOUT 18 MONTHS ago, senior staff at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust noticed that newly registered staff nurses had neither the confidence nor the skills necessary...

Our Healthier Nation

01 March 1998

Primary Health Care

Public health

February saw the long awaited launch of the government's Green Paper on public health for England, Our Healthier Nation. A Green Paper for public health in Scotland,...

Grasping the nettle

01 May 1993

Primary Health Care

General article

Health visiting has been at the crossroads of change for some time now. The impetus comes partly from within the profession, with ongoing debate about the most...

More questions than answers

01 May 1993

Primary Health Care

Community nursing

Community nursing has recently been the subject of a stream of health policies. legislation, guidance and reports. With so much change to accommodate, it is no...

Into the nineties and beyond

01 May 1994

Primary Health Care

Health visiting

Fifteen health visitors met at RCN headquarters in early February this year. Their purpose - to devise a strategy document which would help to guide health visitors...

Child protection: who is liable?

01 March 1993

Primary Health Care


From April 1, GP fundholders will be able to purchase certain community nursing services from NHS provider units. There is confusion, however, about the subsequent...

A lost opportunity

12 March 1997

Nursing Standard

News comment

NURSES WILL have been surprised to learn that, as reported in last week’s Nursing Standard, three UK community nursing development units (NDUs) have folded. The...

Nursing and public health: the future

14 April 1997

Nursing Standard

Art & Science

The last two years have seen an increase indebate and discussion about the contribution ofnurses to public health. Leading the way in this, the RCN published Public...

Recognising the ward sister

01 April 2009

Nursing Children and Young People


WARD SISTERS and charge nurses play a key role in the organisation of hospital nursing – they are the interface between healthcare management and clinical care...