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Standard life

02 August 2000

Nursing Standard


I was enjoying a toasted teacake with Thora Hird in the Imperial Hotel in Harrogate the other day, but she wasn't herself because the antimacassar had chafed her...

Personal standard life development plans does watching ER count?

10 July 2002

Nursing Standard


Eat more cake and stop belching: that’s my personal development plan. The first item on this two-step programme to the new me came about because last week someone...

Criminal injustice

01 December 2008

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

‘If you’re someone like me, they treat you like a piece of dirt. My dad is not an MP, my mum isn’t clever. I’m just a nobody and people can do what they like.’

Human error

01 May 2008

Learning Disability Practice


W hen the members of a joint committee of MPs and peers say they are ‘disappointed’, what they really mean is that they are raging. ‘Disappointed’ is...

Staying alive

01 October 2008

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

Seventy six per cent in favour is a big majority. There are caveats, but it seems that the learning disability branch programme of nurse education has overwhelming...

Opportunity knocks?

01 March 2005

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

In December 2003, the prime minister’s strategy unit, which helps government departments to analyse major policy issues, launched a project to look at ways of...

Having a say

01 April 2006

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

people with learning disabilities have not, historically, been treated well by the NHS. So says the government’s White Paper on health care outside hospital,...

The Cornwall scandal:

01 September 2006

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

It would not be unreasonable to expect that such practices were confined to the history books. After all, in no other area of health care would these abuses be...

Namibian mothers are stigmatised by their relatives

01 November 2003

Learning Disability Practice


Namibian mothers whose children have learning disabilities are stigmatised and rejected by their relatives, delegates attending September’s Network for Psychiatric...

First, faltering steps to reform

01 November 2008

Learning Disability Practice

News feature

The end of the beginning, perhaps? No one ever pretended that reforming England’s system of care and support could be achieved overnight, but this month marks the...
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